Instruments and its uses

Katharometer                                       – Device for measuring thermal conductivity

Magnetometer                                     – Comparing strengths of magnetic fields.

Thermometer, thermocouple               – Measuring temperature

Thermostat                                          – Device for maintaining constant temperature

Vernier                                                 – Device for measuring subdivisions of a scale

Anemometer                                        – Instrument for measuring the speed of wind

Calliper                                                 – Instrument for measuring distances

Electrodynamometer                            – Instrument for measuring current, voltage or power in both AC & DC circuits.

Photometer                                          – Device for comparing intensity of sources of light

Rectifier                                               – Device for comparing AC & DC

Solar cell                                              – Cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy  

Voltmeter                                             – Instrument for measuring voltage o potential difference between two points.

Wavemeter                                           – Instrument for measuring the wave length of a radiowave

Galvanometer                                       – Instrument for measuring or detecting small current.
                                                                   (Ballistic galvanometer, tangent galvanometer)

Ammeter                                             – Meter used to measure electric current

hydrometer                                         – Instrument used for measuring the density or relative density of liquids.

Lactometer                                         – Measure the density of milk.

Barometer                                          – Measure the atmospheric pressure

Barograph                                          – Used to record the accurate atmospheric pressure.
                                                               (fortin’s barometer, aneroid barometer)
Hydraulic intensifier                           – Used to increase the intensity of pressure of water by means of hydraulic energy
                                                                available from a large amount of water at a low pressure.

Accumulator                                       – Device used to store the energy.